Did Someone Say It was the Driest April on Record?

After a storming start to the season it was the same old same old for Gunnislake: two working, one injured, two on family events for the weekend and Simon Beare back to Plympton.  Thus a mere six were left standing from last week’s team.  So we tried the Cricket Tinder app; swiping right we acquired Mark Everett, on loan from Tideford and two Callington youngsters, Owen Patten and Spencer Whatley.  Spencer who?  Remember that name when he is terrorising the Premier League for Callington in five years’ time….

The match this weekend was an early top of the table clash, with Gunnislake and Menheniot Looe III both winning their opening match.  The forecast was a bit varied, with showers forecast, but the morning gave blue skies and optimism that the match would be OK.  A few spots of rain on the trip west gave no inclination of trouble, but on winning the toss Gunnislake decided to bat.  The theory was a rain shortened match would give the side batting second a better chance of knowing what to do to win.  Well that was the theory………

And so battle commenced.  Cadan Hitchins and Mark Rundle opened the batting for Menheniot Looe, while Gunnislake opted for the contrast of experience (Paul Lees) and youthful zest (Spencer Whatley).  A steady start was made under grey clouds, with Menheniot making good use of the odd short ball.  There was an occasional false shot, but few chances.  Menheniot grew more confident, with Hitchens driving and Rundle pulling.  After four promising overs but no luck Spencer Whatley was replaced by Joe Organ, who was immediately on the spot, with some zipping through.  Menheniot instead targeted Paul Lees, with Rundle taking a liking to the leg side boundary (and a few parked cars – does he run a car bodyworks business as well?) Time to turn to old hand Sylvan Pook, who promptly bowled a straight one that kept low; Hitchens missed, and the off stump clattered: the league leaders (I’ve got to milk it, it won’t last long) had their breakthrough!

Alas, the rain then came down, and showed no signs of stopping.  The square began to accumulate puddles, and Covid regulations banned the teams from the magnificent Duloe pavilion.  Grey clouds loured over the ground, the groundsman pulled an equally dark face and we all agreed to call a premature end to the day.  Menheniot gained one batting point, to catch up with Gunnislake in the league table, who remain ahead of them on alphabetical order only. 

The competition will resume next Saturday, when Gunnislake host Menheniot Looe in the return fixture.  Tune in for next week’s exciting episode!

Menheniot Looe III  56 for 1 (Rundle 31 not out; Pook 1 for 8). 

Match abandoned. Menheniot Looe 7 points, Gunnislake 6.